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Henley Green’s our place to shine!


Year 1

It's our place to shine!

         1W                         1S

       Class teacher: Mrs Windmill                                          Class teacher: Ms Sohanta

            Teaching Assistant: Miss Lee                                      Teaching Assistants: Miss Edwards and Mrs Peckham


PPA staff (Monday afternoons): Mr Blakeman and Mrs Jones




Practise your maths skills by playing this maths game. 


Click on the picture below and scroll down the page to find the game. 


The level you need to choose for Year 1 is

'addition and subtraction' and then 'addition bonds within 10'.





Forest Schools

1W will be taking part in Forest Schools on a

Wednesday from 8th May.


Please make sure that your child has some warm clothes in school including;

jogging bottoms, pair of socks a jumper and a pair of wellies. 


Please let us know if you need help to provide these clothes.






PE days are every Monday in Year 1.


Please make sure that your child has their named PE kit in school every day.


Spellings will be sent home in the reading diaries each Friday and spelling tests will be held on Thursday's. Please help your child to practise reading and spelling these words. Try to make                                           this as interesting as possible!


Here are some ideas to get you started, but there are many more things that you  and your child could do!

  • Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
    • ¬†Look- carefully at the shape of the words, look for 'tricky' parts in the word, trace over the shape of the letters with your finger, find words within the words (e.g. 'and' in¬†'hand')
    • Say- say the word and the letters in the word over and over again. Use a silly voice to help remember the 'tricky' letters.
    • Cover- cover up the word.
    • Write- write the word- without looking!
    • Check- have a look to see how you did. If you got part of the word wrong, focus on that part next time.
  • Write the words out on to scraps of paper and display around the home where children can see them.
  • Cut out letters from newspapers and magazines and stick them onto paper to make the spelling words.
  • Write each word out over and over again¬†in different colours.
  • Practise typing out the words on a keyboard.
  • Write each word in fancy writing- bubble writing, curly writing, block writing etc.
  • Write out the words in alphabetical order.
  • Write the words out in dots and then join the dots in a different colour.


 New spellings will be put in reading diaries every Friday.





Children in need day - we had lots of fun!

Picture 1

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check is week commencing 10th June 2019

Below are helpful links to support your children at home and to give you information:


Here is a video of a girl to show you how to say the sounds:


Year 1 Common exception words

Your child needs to know how to read and spell all 45 Year 1 Common Exception words.

1S's last forest school session was great fun! Thank you Miss Mills and Mr Sheridan, we've had a great time!

Well done Year 1 for creating fantastic bonnets. 

Elle-Mae won the competition from Class 1W

Planting wheat seeds with Mrs Gardener

Year 1 Spring Walk

Welcome back, we hope you had a nice half term.  Today we went on a Spring walk around the school grounds to look for the signs of Spring.

Parents, Carers


Your children this term have worked really hard and have learnt so much.  We hope you have a well deserved half term with your family and friends and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 26th February 2019.


Year 1 team smiley

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Year 1 Curriculum Letter - Autumn Term

The story of Momotaro from Japan

Weighing classroom objects

As Researchers

In the process of making our Christmas cards

Today as we waited to catch the Henley Green bus we sorted ourselves in ordinal numbers.

Past and present Bears

Finding the signs of Autumn

Hedgehog collages

Year 1 NEW dance kit

We have been kindly donated dance wear for our after school dance.  The children are very excited to have their own dance kit and feel like proper dancers.



Daily Mile

We walked our first 'Daily Mile' today, to keep ourselves active/fit and healthy.

Designing and creating our Gingerbread Man

As Artists - Kandinsky

Alexis dancer of the day is Faith.  Well done Faith you did a fantastic job at using your own ideas to demonstrate how the music made you feel.


Today in dance we listened to some music at different tempos and moved our body and spoke about how it made it us feel.

Today in Year 1 we learnt about 1 of our 5 senses which was taste.  We tried numerous of edible items such as, dark chocolate, lemon, jelly beans and crisps.

Year 1 as Dancers

We have all been very excited for our first dance lesson today.  We learnt about different ways our body can move such as bending, stretching, twirling, curving and slithering.

We are now Year 1 Musicians

As Musicians in Year 1 we have been learning about different types of instruments and how to play them.

Estimating as mathematicians

In our first maths lesson in year 1 we as mathematicians have been estimating how many Lego blocks there are in the pots.



Our first day in Year 1

Today was our first day in year 1, its very new but what fun we had!


We had our first Talk 4 Writing based on the story 'Jack and the bean stalk' which we all loved doing the actions especially for the giant.