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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) - French

Bienvenue!!  Welcome!

Coventry - City of Culture 2020-21

Henley Green Primary School have been completing a range of activities to celebrate this year long event. The children created a "footprint" to welcome the arrival of Little Amal, who represented all the child refugees in the world.

"The Walk"

We then learnt about the journeys that some members of our school have made, arriving finally in Coventry at Henley Green. The children learnt more about the changes that these children have had to make as well as comparing and contrasting their own to those of refugees.

Many of the children at Henley Green have made the journey from their country of birth to Coventry. They shared their experiences and created some information about their homeland which is now proudly displayed in the School.


The whole School will be taking part in an exciting Language and Culture Day on Friday 1st July 2022! Each year group will choose a language and they will be planning a fun-packed day discovering lots about this language and the countries in which it is spoken. We hope to make it as cross-curricular as possible and it may even include some food tasting! 

At Henley Green, Key Stage 2 children are enjoying their French lessons!  Children have regular practice in the key language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and an interactive software programme called "Salut" is used to further enhance lessons with songs and stories. They also consider the culture and lifestyle of people living in French speaking countries around the world.


The following document provides information on the topics they will be working on in order to develop their language skills.  


Here are some examples of the work KS2 pupils have completed in their French lessons: