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Henley Green’s our place to shine!



Welcome to Design Technology at Henley Green

At Henley Green across the school, we have been looking at healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. This is a large part of the Design Technology Curriculum. We have a purpose built kitchen (which has recently had a second hob and oven fitted) where they can learn how to boil, bake, cook, grill and fry!

As well as learning about healthy eating, children at Henley Green will be learning to develop creative, practical and technical knowledge in an increasing technological world. Children will also learn how to evaluate, critique and test their ideas.



Henley Green Garden

There is always something happening in the garden area. Take a look as you come through the gates. Potatoes, broccoli, beans, sweet corn and tomatoes have all been successfully grown (and eaten)! Round at the back of the school, there is another garden area where KS1 nurture flowers and herbs and The Hub grows daffodils and potatoes🥔.


The children love spending time here with Mrs Gardner and she has great plans for green manure and growing our own wheat 🌾.

Projects In The Classroom
Using our design and construction skills, KS1 children made pop-up toys and fire engines. KS2 successfully made festival decorations and moon buggies, with years 4 to 6 including electrical skills for lighting and noise on their decorations and motors on their buggies. It was great fun!