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Henley Green’s our place to shine!


Head Boy and Head Girl

Congratulations to our new Head Boy and Head Girl!


We are really proud to share the news with you of our new Head Boy and Head Girl. 

This is a great honour for these children. 


They have been chosen because they are fantastic role models to other children in the school. 

They have many outstanding qualities including; thoughtfulness, excellent attitudes to learning, super attendance and positivity towards any challenge. 


Throughout the year they will carry out lots of duties including, helping in assemblies, showing visitors around the school and representing the school at events and special occasions. 

My name is Patrick. I am the new head boy for this year at Henley Green. I am excited to take on this new role and represent the school and pupils. I will try my best to follow the Core Values and be an excellent role model to others. I am particularly looking forward to welcoming new students and visitors when they are able to visit Henley Green again.


My name is Gloria. I am the new head girl for this year. I am delighted to be able to represent the school. I am very grateful to have been chosen to be head girl and will work hard to keep up the school's positive reputation. Within this role I would like to be a good example to other students and encourage a positive attitude all round particularly during this pandemic. I hope to be a inspiration to students across school and encourage them to try their best.