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The Hub

Autumn 1 - Week 2

This half term the Hub project is Creepy Crawlies. We listened to mini beast noises to see if we could identify which invertebrate it belonged to. We learned that an invertebrate is an animal with no backbone and we looked at the difference between a cricket and a grasshopper. We used new vocabulary antennae and abdomen. We researched what makes a good habitat or environment for mini beasts and why.  
We went on a mini beast hunt around our school grounds, the allotment, garden, forest school and friendship garden to photograph and look at them in their natural environments.

Autumn Term - Week 3 
In the school allotment today we used tools to harvest beetroot, carrots tomatoes and broccoli. We also cut back the tubers on the pumpkins to allow more light to get to them so they can ripen.We learnt how to plant Spinach, Broad beans and Rainbow chard.
Autumn 1 - week 3
This week we have been learning how to use sketching pencils of different grades and in various ways to draw, shade and create contrast.
Autumn 1 - week 4
We cooked the beetroot that we harvested last week then grated it to add to our brownie mixture.
We all weighed, melted, grated, measured and mixed our ingredients to make beetroot chocolate brownies.
The brownies became the base of our edible mini beast habitats and they were delicious.