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Henley Green’s our place to shine!



Year 1 harvesting our potatoes. Look at this bumper crop!

Year 1 have been learning about materials. We built houses for Peppa Pig out of different materials and then tested them to see which one would the Big Bad Wolf not be able to blow down!

Year 1 have been growing potatoes today with Mrs. Gardner. Lovely, sunny day for a spot of gardening!


During Spring Term, Year 5 have been learning about Space. We have learnt all about the Solar System and the order of the Planets. We have looked at moon landings, and even went to our playground to find out how much space they needed to do this. We worked out the area they required to do this. 

We also looked at rockets. We made some, and tried them out on the playground. The pictures below depict what they looked like and what we did with them. 


In Science, we have been looking at forces and how they interact with each other. We made Parachutes, and dropped them from a height to investigate the effect of Air Resistance on a canopy. T.he forces involved were Air Resistance and Gravity. The results were interesting. Everyone enjoyed the activity. 



Year 1 have been learning about the seasons.