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Whole School Christmas Cards

Whole School Christmas Card Focus 2022-2023


For the Christmas Cards this year, the children were inspired by the Culture of different Countries. Each year group were given a Country to explore and they chose how to create their cards. 

The cards look fantastic and the children loved making them!


Early Years Christmas Cards: Little Acorns, Nursery and Reception created Christmas cards by completing the Kids Art Project where their designs are sent off and Parents can purchase their children’s designs as a card or other products.

Reception: Germany – Reception listened to the music and watched the Nutcracker. They then coloured and cut out a nutcracker and used split pins to make the arms and legs move.

Year 1: France – Year 1 created a mixed media card inspired by France.

Year 2: Brazil – Year 2 explore the Brazilian artist Romero Britto and created a pop art card.

Year 3: Portugal – Year 3 were inspired by the artist Carlos Botelho and created a card by painting tints and tones.

Year 4: Mexico – Year 4 were inspired by Papel Picado which is the craft of cutting elaborate designs into paper. The children created designs using press printing and ink.

Year 5: Japan – Year 5 took inspiration from the Japanese Flag and Japan’s famous mountains to create a mixed media card.

Year 6: Australia – Year 6 explored aboriginal art and created some dot paintings.














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