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SAFEGUARDING - Please see Our Policies Page for Further Safeguarding Documents

Henley Green, Committed to Safeguarding


We are committed to safeguarding all of our children at Henley Green. All of our staff receive safeguarding training which is updated regularly.


All of our staff understand the importance that our children feel safe and happy and are protected from harm. Through our safeguarding procedures, our staff know and carry out their role in to achieve this for our pupils.


Safeguarding means that our staff are committed to act to:

-protect our pupils from harm

-prevent harm to their development or health

-ensure that pupils grow up in a safe and caring environment


All visitors to our school are expected to act in accordance with our safeguarding procedures which are provided at the School Office on arrival (please see our Safeguarding Leaflet).

No visitors are permitted on our school site without formal sign in procedures and official identification.


The school has a designated Team who support staff, pupils and parents.

We work with a number of agencies to support our safeguarding procedures.


Rebecca Bond (Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Family Support Team: Jan Fossick, Jacqui Barker & Kim Morris

Designated Safeguarding Governor: Gemma Sumner



If you have any queries, please contact the school office on 02476613163.