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Online Safety

Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms

Online Safety Tips for Christmas 2020

Click on the links below to look at these handy guides for ideas to keep your child safe online



Follow the links below to help understand how to keep your child safe online


CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) Think U Know parents page – for lots of support and advice on how to help your child.  Created by the National Crime Agency 


CEOP and Parent Zone - advice on 6 apps that your child may be using. Advise on using computers at home, including setting parental controls and filters. 


Safer Internet Centre – for general support and advice


NSPCC – Share Aware campaign.  Ways to keep your child safe online.

An online tool help you find out how to use setting


Net Aware – run by the NSPCC.  An online guide to the new apps, games and sites your child might be talking about


Vodafone – Parental support and help in all areas


The Internet Watch Foundation – to report any criminal online content


Parent Port – run by the media regulators, to report anything in the media e.g. a programme on TV or online, a film, an advert, a video game or something in a magazine


Childline – for help and advice for children

How to change parental control settings on Android, Iphone or Windows phones. 



1. To set up a restricted user account on an Android smartphone or tablet, go to Settings and select Users in the Device section.
2. Tap Add User or Profile, then select Restricted Profile and enter the passcode.
3. Tap the round icon next to New Profile to change the name of the profile, then tap OK.
4. Go through the list of features your child can access and, using the togglebuttons, choose whether you’d like them on or off.


1. To enable restrictions on your child’s iPhone or iPad, tap Settings, General, Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode.
2. Decide which features you’re happy for your child to access and, using the toggle buttons, turn the rest off.

Windows Phone

1. Go to the Windows Phone website and select My Family.
2. Sign in using your own Microsoft account (if you don’t have an account, you can create one).
3. Click Get Started on the My Family set-up page, and then click Go to add your child’s name.
4. Enter the Microsoft account your child uses to sign in on their phone.
5. To change the app download settings, click your child’s name on the My Family homepage, click Change Settings and choose from the options provided.


How to set search engines to safe search.