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Art and Design National Curriculum

Art Key Skills Progression

Art Diversity Day!

Henley Green Primary School completed an Art Diversity Day on Tuesday 6th June. Each year group were inspired by artists from the country they explored on Language and Culture Day on Monday 5th June. 

The children loved having an Art day and they were so engaged with researching their countries culture and the artists, exploring different techniques, and planning their final outcomes. Their artwork is brilliant and has been proudly presented on a whole school display for all staff, pupils, parents, and visitors to see! Fantastic work everyone!


Nursery explored Henri Matisse from France.

Reception looked at Constantin Brancusi, and Gert and Uwe Tobias, from Romania.

Year 1 were inspired by Vincent Van Gough from France.

Year 2 explored Bharti Prajapati from India.

Year 3 looked at Qi Baishi from China.

Year 4 were inspired by Agata Bogacka from Poland.

Year 5 explored Molas Art, and their country was Paraguay.

Year 6 looked at Otobong Nkanga from Nigeria, Africa.

Year 6 Tudor Drawing - Hans Holbein

As a whole school, we held a Queen's portrait competition - here are just some of the entries from the very talented Y1.

Printing using Press Print in Year 1.

1S' Mother's Day cards and flowers ready to take home.

Year 1 had fun bubble painting and making 3D flowers for their Mother's Day cards. Look at the fun we had!

Using different tones and textures to paint Daffodils.
'I can mix colours using tints and tones. I can use a number of brush techniques using thin and thick brushes to produce shapes and lines.'
Sketches from the Four Corners. 

In Art, we are learning how to sketch lightly and use different grades of pencil at different angle to show a variety of tones. 

We were shown how to use hatching and cross hatching to show tone and texture in our drawings. 

In our Geography topic, Four Corners, we are learning about the four countries of the U.K. We decided to use landmarks from each to highlight our sketching skills.

To inspire us, we looked at an artist called Stephen Wiltshire who is famous for drawing landmarks and cityscapes, mainly in pencil. 

Year 6 rockets inspired by the Book Week theme of Space!

For Book Week Year 6 have been drawing pictures based on the book that they are reading: 'Once In A Blue Moon.'

Year 6 painted rockets inspired by the Book Week theme of Space.

Y2 have been working on their skills by choosing the size of brush they want to use and learning to mix powder paint.

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