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Early Years at Henley Green



Our Intent, Implement and Impact statements have been developed through whole school CPD. These statements continue to evolve as we celebrate the wealth of experiences our children start school with and we strive to meet their changing needs. 


Our 'Implement plans' outline how we deliver our curriculum. We use 'Development Matters' to ensure our teaching meets the needs of each child's age and stage. These documents are used to create focussed medium term plans for each half term. 


Our 'Impact statement' ensures that we are reflecting on where our children are as learners and that the provision and teaching tightly matches their needs. 

At Henley Green we use 'Development Matters' to ensure skills match the age and stage of our children. We have mapped out our 'Subject Coverage' to ensure that our children leave the Early Years with the skills and knowledge they need to access the Year 1 curriculum.