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History National Curriculum 

History Skills Progression including EYFS


At Henley Green Primary we have many Topics that have a specific History focus. The Topics form part of our whole school Curriculum map. Have a look below to see what your child is learning about History.




Autumn Term

 Key Stage 1

Year 1 have explored lots of different toys from the past and learnt about how they were made. They will have a visit from the Herbert Gallery to show them real artefacts which they were able to handle.


Year 2 enjoy being Historians and finding out all about The Great Fire of London. To enhance their learning, they will have a visit from the local fire brigade. They will see how a real fire will be put out and how to be safe if they ever encountered a fire.


Key Stage 2

Year 3 are learning about prehistory, Stone Age to the Iron Age and the Celts. They have been learning how we can use sources to uncover the past. 


Year 4 have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. Erik Erickson, the Viking, has been to visit and show the children what life was like for him.


Year 5 have been busy historians finding out about World War 2 - Coventry and the Blitz. The children have enjoyed a visit to Winchcombe Railway in the Cotswolds where they got to experience a day as a WW2 evacuee. 


Year 6 have been learning all about the Tudors. They have been using their history skills to explore different sources to find out all about the Tudor era. 

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