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At Henley Green, we use modules from 'Teach Computing', designed by the NCCE (National Centre for Computing Education), as the basis for our Computing curriculum. We have adapted these modules to fit our timetable and the needs of our pupils.

Recently in Computing...

Year 1 have been learning about technology in the world around them and are confident logging in to computers. They have painted some beautiful digital portraits of themselves and can type their names!


Year 2 have been developing their photography and photo-editing skills.

Year 3 have been using Scratch, making cross-curricular links with their learning in Music.

Year 4 have been learning about networks and how to stay safe online.

Year 5 have been thinking about how information is shared, and are now responsible enough to be trusted with their own email addresses! They have used these to write messages to their teachers.

Year 6 have been creating websites using Google Sites, linked to their Topic work on Ancient Egypt. Skills involved included understanding copyright, investigating navigation paths, creating and linking multiple web pages and evaluating their designs. Great job Y6!