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Year 5

Winchcombe Evacuation Trip


On Tuesday the 3rd of October, Year 5 were evacuated to a village called Winchcombe, in Gloucestershire.

We experienced a ride on a steam train and travelled to Cheltenham where we sang songs to keep our morale up - just like they did in WWII. We worked together, as a team of ARP Wardens, to see how exhausting it was to put a 'fire' out from an incendiary bomb, and also experienced an air raid in a real Anderson Shelter! We had the opportunity to talk to some evacuees from WWII and found them really interesting - especially the actual ration books they used! 

Winchcombe Photos Year 5 2017

Coventry Cathedral

At the end of November, Year 5 children visited Coventry Cathedral to consolidate their learning

about Coventry and the Blitz.  We learned about Peace & Reconciliation; creating their own poems for peace and love, and making doves of peace. 


The children enjoyed learning the facts about the Chapel of Unity, the Charred Cross, and enjoyed a full tour of the Cathedral ruins as well as the new Cathedral. 


We braved the cold, and stepped into a war time classroom, a kitchen and a replica Anderson Shelter. 


Following our visit, Year 5 staff received an email from the Cathedral staff to congratulate all of the children on their excellent behaviour during the day! 

For Design & Technology during the Autumn term, Year 5 were designers! They explored different types of breads, including tasting naan breads, pitta breads, soda breads, brioche and fruit loaf, and describing the taste, texture and appearance. 


They designed and baked their own bread products, listing their ingredients needed, creating their own bespoke shapes, and then moving on to design their own packaging. 


As designers, the children acted as critics, to help evaluate their products.