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Year 5

Winchcombe Evacuation Trip


On Tuesday the 3rd of October, Year 5 were evacuated to a village called Winchcombe, in Gloucestershire.

We experienced a ride on a steam train and travelled to Cheltenham where we sang songs to keep our morale up - just like they did in WWII. We worked together, as a team of ARP Wardens, to see how exhausting it was to put a 'fire' out from an incendiary bomb, and also experienced an air raid in a real Anderson Shelter! We had the opportunity to talk to some evacuees from WWII and found them really interesting - especially the actual ration books they used! 

Winchcombe Photos Year 5 2017

Coventry Cathedral

At the end of November, Year 5 children will be visiting Coventry Cathedral to consolidate their learning

about Coventry and the Blitz.  We will also be learning about Peace & Reconciliation.


Letters will be sent home after half term.


A trip to Tesco's is planned for March 2018 - more information nearer the time!
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