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Welcome to Design Technology at Henley Green

At Henley Green across the school we have been looking at healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. This is a large part of the Design Technology Curriculum. KS1 will be learning how to make healthy breakfasts and KS2 will be learning how to make healthy lunches and dinners. This is a part of the curriculum that we are very excited about at Henley Green.

As well as learning about healthy eating children across the school will be learning to develop creative, practical and technical knowledge in an increasing technological world. Children will also learn how to evaluate, critique and test their ideas.



The Gardening Girls

As part of Design and Technology, a group of six girls got together weekly at lunchtime, and weeded, planted and nurtured seeds until they were ready to be planted out.  We planted courgettes, potatoes and runner beans. Unfortunately, the courgettes got eaten by slugs but we had a bumper crop of potatoes and beans.


The girls cooked and ate the potatoes (with butter and parsley) in our cookery room, they thought they were delicious.  There were still spare potatoes to take home.


It was great fun picking the beans, there were so many.  Each club member (including the teacher) took a good handful home. Nahlah said "I have enjoyed the fact that you can get dirty and grow something of your own."


There will be another gardening club in the spring.