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Little Acorns

Welcome to our Little Acorns page!


                            Lead practitioner/HLTA: Miss Allen

                            Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gregory & Mrs Canning


                                'When we learn we grow.'

                                                 'Little Acorns grow into big trees.' 


Morning session: 8:30am - 11:30am.

Afternoon session: 12:30pm - 3-15pm. 


Take a look at our creative, exciting and adventurous activities that we take part in. We have lots of fun and learn lots of new things everyday!

Together we will remember.

This week we have been learning all about poppies. We have had various activities out within the environment including: collaging and painting poppies, constructing our own poppies and also watching a short clip all about what the poppy symbolises. 

Exploring and investigating animals and the world around us.

We have been closely observing the environment around us outside. We have visited the nature garden, taking a look at different types of flowers, plants and animals such as bugs and fish. We have also explored and spoke about the different types of habitats that these animals live in. 

We saw a real life dog called Oscar and a bearded dragon called Wally. This was super fun and we showed care and concern for living things by giving the animals space and using our inside voices when looking at them to make sure we didn't scare them. 

Spooktacular and sparkling fun! 

This week we have been celebrating Halloween and Bonfire night. We had lots of exciting activities but we also made chocolate apples, strengthening our fine motor skills by holding the lolly-pop stick to dip it into the bowl of melted chocolate. Yummy! We also used the tweezers to pick up the spiders using our developing fine motor skills.

For bonfire night, we had hot-dogs and made firework pictures using paint and glitter. We used our big strong muscles to squeeze the sauce onto our hot-dogs and tried new tastes and textures, developing our own likes and dislikes to different foods. We explored making various marks, different colours and textures whilst making our pretty firework pictures. 

Black History month

To celebrate Black History month we have been trying different foods from around the world. We tried: mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut flakes, rice, coconut, tiger bread and coconut milk. This was the first time some of us had tried these foods, but we explored new tastes and textures and they were super yummy! We also spoke about the similarities and differences that make us unique.  

Our Autumn walk 

We have had lots of fun on the big field collecting leaves for our inside environment. We used our good looking eyes to find the best leaves and our good listening ears to hear the noise of the leaves under our feet as we walked. We closely observed the objects in the environment around us. It was super fun throwing the leaves in the air, building upon our gross motor skills, and watching the wind blow them away!

Autumn curriculum letter 

Our first week in Little Acorns 

We have had lots of fun exploring our new inside and outside environment, building and establishing our key relationships with adults and peers. We have also shown our own interests and preferences. 

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