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Year 4

Stop Motion Animation


Year 4 have been creating short Stop Motion Animation films linked to the Traction Man story. In small groups the children created a storyboard, choosing their own superhero, characters, setting and plot for their mini adventure. Once the stories were finalised the children were introduced to the Zu3D software and were shown how to create their own stop motion animation. The children worked together to create the setting for their adventure and gathered props so they were ready to start filming. 


As computer programmers the children had to sequence their events and media to ensure they were creating an exciting animation.  They have taken it in turns to set up their props and the equipment ready for filming, click the camera to produce a frame,  move the characters or objects and be the director – ensuring their group are following the storyboard.


Music - Autumn Term

Bird Box Project


During November, the children were visited by some community volunteers from Coventry Building Society who came into school to build bird boxes. The children worked in small groups with the volunteers building the boxes using nails and hammers to fix them together. The children also got to paint the bird boxes which will eventually be displayed around the school site. Some of the bird boxes were chosen and sent to Coventry Building Society to display around one of their sites.  


This week the children looked at prepositional phrases using the shops in Diagon Alley, from the Harry Potter movie, to support their learning.

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Financial Capabilities

with Coventry Building Society


The children were visited by staff from Coventry Building Society to look at how they can manage money. The children looked at how they can keep track of the money they are spending and saving using a running total. They also completed an activity where they logged deposits and withdrawals. 

Instruction Writing


As part of our instruction writing this term, Year 4 had to write a set of instructions for 'How to wrestle a crocodile.' We had lots of fun following the instructions we had written to wrestle the crocodiles! 

Performance Poetry


This week, the children have been learning the poem 'T'was the night before Christmas.' They worked in groups to memorise the seven verses of the poem with accompanying actions. 

Year 4 Olympics


During the Summer term, the children in Year 4 have been looking at the Ancient Greeks. As the Olympics were created by the Ancient Greeks, we decided to hold our very own Year 4 Olympics. The children competed in a series of events including: running, long jump, wrestling, javelin and discus. The children were great competitors!