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School Council

Henley Green…it’s our place to shine!


School Council


Team Purpose:

  • To share whole school views on how to make our school safe and a fun place to learn.

  • To share views about how to make our school even better.

  • To look at creative and effective ways to establish a learning environment where everyone is safe and feels safe away from the risk of harm.

  • To communicate ideas to each other.

  • To create new and interesting ways to reward good attendance and good behaviour.

  • To help to support positive relationships throughout the school by developing the school building inside and out.

  • To create a learning environment where it is fun to learn.


Knowledge required for team tasks:

  • Represent your class and share everyone’s ideas.

  • Strategies to communicate information.

  • Make changes which make a difference.

  • Our school community how to celebrate this in and out of school.

  • Learning technologies.

Team Members:

  • 2x reps from year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  • Family Support Worker- Kim Morris

  • Staff members invited e.g. site officer and business manager etc.

  • Parent governor- may be invited to join the meeting.

Meet our School Council Team

Meet our School Council Team 1
Meet our School Council Team 2
Here are the minutes for all school council meetings

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Agenda's for upcoming meetings