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Year 3


On this page you will find out about all the fantastic work that we have been doing in Class 3. We have been busy so please take the time to explore our page! 



Mrs Strickland and Mrs Crawford



Mrs Squires and Miss Allen

Cooking in Maths
Year 3 cooked Healthy Breakfast Banana Muffins during their maths session. They were learning to weigh ingredients and read the scales. We all had a lot of fun and learnt some new skills.
On Fridays Year 3 are currently taking part in recorder lessons. We are very lucky to have our very own recorder teacher from an outside agency come in and support the children.
Stone Age
The children have been learning all about the Stone Age for Topic. We have been looking at how Stonehenge was built. The children created their own cuboid shapes to recreate the structure. The children really enjoyed creating this and took it in turns to knock it down and rebuild it!

Healthy Eating in year 3 


As part of our healthy eating topic, the year 3 children were able to create, make and eat a fruit kebab. They really enjoyed this and were able to experiment with different types of fruit.

Year 3 have recently been learning about Forces and Magnets. They have been testing a variety of magnets on different objects to see if they attract or repel. The children have enjoyed doing this, especially our investigation outside using force metres to see which surface needed less newton's. 
During the children's Art lesson they have been using different skills to create pictures. They have also been learning about Pointillism and were able to create pictures from the story "Bulli and the Tiger" The children really enjoyed this and were happy to see their finished Art work on display.
The year 3 children take part in a weekly dance lesson. The lesson always starts with a warm up and ends with a cool down. The children look forward to this each week and really enjoy creating different movements to the music.
Coventry Building Society
Today some visitors from Coventry Building Society visited Year 3 for some maths fun. The children learnt about how having saving their pocket can be very beneficial as they can save up for something special.

As part of our "Four corners" Topic, the children got to visit Coombe Abbey Country Park!

They got to explore the grounds, and navigate their way through the park, using maps and a compass to find the correct numbered posts. They also got to do activities with the park rangers, learning all about different types of trees and went on an insect hunt! All of year 3 enjoyed themselves despite the weather!

With help from year 6, year 3 went on a Maths trail around the school. Each group had a clipboard with questions they had to answer based on Maths. They used the trundle wheels to measure the distance from the climbing wall, to the edge of the playground. All of the children enjoyed this activity and were very keen to help each other answer the questions.

As all of year 3 have been having weekly Dance sessions, they have been learning different moves and Dances based around our topic "Forces and Magnets." The children got the opportunity to perform to their parents and were very excited!  

All of year 3 were very lucky to have a man come into school from an outside agency. He brought with him a variety of Maths recourses such as puzzles and games. These were fun activities which also tested their Maths knowledge and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!  
Please remember to read with your child every day and to practice their spellings and maths key skills ready for their tests on Thursdays.
Henley's our place to shine.