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Book Week: India

Book Week in Reception has been an Indian theme! We went to the book fair where we were told all about India. Some of us had a go at using Indian instruments to make music, and tried on some traditional Indian clothes. We listened to a story about a girl looking for a 'little red house, with no doors or windows, a star inside, and something good to eat'. Some of us could work out what this was, ask us and find out the answer!

This week we have also learnt how to make a Chapati, linking in with our story 'The Runaway Chapati'. We have used playdough to have a go at making our own chapati. In the construction area we have been using 3D shapes and building blocks to recreate some traditional Indian buildings and Temples. 

Our First Music Lessons!

Our first Music lessons in Reception. We have been having some music lessons, learning about lots of different instruments and playing them to a rhythm or a beat. We have also been using our bodies to make music, such as tapping our legs or shoulders, clapping our hands and clicking our fingers! We have enjoyed using our voices to sing the 'hello' song and 'shake your sillies out'.

Our First PE Lessons!

Our first PE lessons in Reception. We have been learning how to get changed into out PE kits independently and make sure our school uniform is kept together. In PE we have been learning about different ways of moving. Such as walking, running, jogging, slithering, crawling and shuffling. We are trying hard to not bump into other people or objects and make sure we are looking where we are going. We have also been learning about how to carry a mat. Working together, 4 of us hold a corner and walk carefully whilst carrying the mat.

Our Nativity

For our Christmas Nativity, Reception acted out the Christmas story and the birth of baby Jesus. We spent 4 weeks learning lots of different songs including; Calypso Carol and Mary had a baby, and each child had a role to play. We had Mary and Joseph, stars, the Angel Gabriel, Wise men, Shepherds, Sheep/donkeys and Narrators etc. along with the Narrators also playing musical instruments along to the songs. Lots of children worked very hard in learning the lines and lyrics they had to say in time for our special performance. The children had a great time performing to their friends and family.

Coventry Building Society visits Reception!

On the 15th November we had Coventry Building Society come to Henley Green!

We had four lovely ladies come to talk to our children about the definition of money and why we spend/save it, and the importance of valuing it. We had a mixture of different objects in a circle and each child told us which they thought was the most valuable, and what they have that is valuable at home. We then had a game of picking items to buy off a list and collecting the right money to pay for it with the coins available. We used lots of new language such as 'p' , 'pence' and 'pounds, whilst learning what money looks and feels like.

Our children learnt a lot about what money is used for and how we should use it carefully. 

Children In Need!

On the 26th November, Reception celebrated Children In Need. All the children dressed up in non-school uniform and wore spotty pudsey ears and clothing! We shared a Powerpoint about what the meaning behind Children In Need is and how some children are less fortunate than us. 

Tesco Visits Reception!

Tesco came to visit Reception. They brought lots of food for us to taste from all around the world! We tasted different types of fruit, some cheese, crackers and hummus. We even held a fish!

Our First Week in Reception!

Our first Week in Reception. We have been getting to know our new friends and teachers and exploring our new classrooms.

Transition Day 2017

Welcome to Reception!

Come and join us on our journey as we learn and grow through the year...