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Henley Green’s our place to shine!



Welcome to our Nursery page.

This page will be updated regularly with information and pictures of activities that we have been enjoying and the learning that has been taking place. 


In Nursery, our teachers are Mrs Clarke and Miss Corley. 

We are having a very busy Spring term! We have been very excited to get a brand new interactive whiteboard in our classroom. This means we can now use lots of ICT games to develop our skills in all areas of learning. So far we have used games to develop our number recognition and counting skills. We are also getting very good at using the 'paint' programme which develops our pencil control, we know how to select different pens and colours to create our pictures. We know how to share and take turns with the special board pen and understand how to clear the screen for the next person    

It's Christmas Time!

In Nursery we have been enjoying lots of different Christmas activities. We have made baubles to hang on the tree and are making cards for our grown ups. It's been very fun but very messy too!! Santa visited the school too, we had our picture taken with him and we were very lucky because he gave us some chocolate!


We also had lots of fun in the Nativity and enjoyed singing to the songs we had learnt!



Autumn in Nursery

At Nursery we have been reading a story called the Owl Babies, we have enjoyed learning about owls and where they live. We explored the school field and collected leaves that had fallen to the ground and talked about the different colours on the leaves and why this might have happened. We have used these leaves to create a collage picture of the baby owls in their nest. 

Our First Weeks.........

We have been very busy exploring our new environment, we have been learning  how to use a wide range of new equipment and resources and learning to tidy away when we are finished!!!!. We are getting to know our teachers -Mrs Clarke and Miss Corley really well, we are making new friends, learning to take turns, share and  work together