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Hello Year 6!

We hope you have been enjoying all this fantastic sunshine we have been having! We still miss you lots and have been thinking about you alot this week, since you would have just completed your tests. 

So your SATS week would have been over by now and would have been looking towards the new Topics and learning opportunities we would have shared together. We would have been proud of all your efforts in your SATS tests we are sure. Instead, we have a whole new week of learning just for you - keep your brain and your body moving.

Take care of yourself and stay safe.

From The Year 6 Team.


Extra shout out to....

This has been the first week that you could email your work to your teachers - well done to those that did do this and shared your work on Facebook. 

Lakisha, Ammaar and Zofia have been busy sending in work and some have sent multiple pieces of work! 

We have seen some fantastic poetry from Emma - it is very emotive reading. 

Thank you for Zion's letter and Lakisha's card about getting her work packs - this was a lovely surprise for us to read and share with CBS 



Feel free to email and share your work with us at:


Even if you don't have work to share, you can still email us - we would love to hear from you! smiley





Times Tables Rock Stars

Shout outs this week go to these children, get your mums to give you a treat!

TTRS shout outs this week to:

Holly:  Ayoub, Madyson, Zofia and Silvana


Spruce: Summer, Najdah, Amina, Lakisha


Great to see Summer and  Silvana as new names to the list! Let's see if we can get some Spruce boys next week! 

Is YOUR name going to be here next week?

You should all have a TTRS log in – check your reading diary for yours. If you can't remember it, message us on Facebook or email the  School.  


There is also a year group login you can use:

Username: year 6

Password: a1