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Year 5 learning activities


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Hello Year 5,


We hope you will enjoy the activities we are putting on the website to help you with your learning while school is shut. We will be posting new activities every week in every subject, so keep a good look out! Remember you can send pictures of what you are up to to the school Facebook page or school email.


To support your English learning, Mrs Hadley and Miss Hunt will be reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to you so look out for the audio recordings. We hope you will enjoy it. 


We are missing you all. Stay safe and stay active!



Miss Hunt, Miss Wright,  Mrs Hadley, Mrs McCann and Mrs Crawford




Times Tables Rock Stars

We have been checking up on your Times Tables Rock Stars – good to see some of you practising! 

Shout outs this week go to...

Hazel – Amilia, Sammy and Liam

Sycamore – Brenda and Jacob

And a special shout out to Niyah, who has learnt her 6 times table! We are so proud of your hard work, Niyah!


You should all have a TTRS log in – check your reading diary for yours. If you can't find it, message us on Facebook or email school.  


There is also a year group login you can use:

Username: year 5

Password: a1


Star work:

We were thrilled to receive some work this week!

Patrick wrote some great responses to a reading comprehension from his workbook.




Natalia wrote a poem (see below). We are proud of you both for showing our core value of ambition!


The Night Dragon, by Natalia

I stood bravely against the tall, snowy mountain.

I climbed continuously across, gasping repetitively.

I reached the den, the den no one had reached before!

Slowly, silently, I crept into the darkness of the black, echoey den.

In the background, I could hear the roars of Midnight the Night Dragon!

Soon, the roars and sounds of Midnight seemed really close and magic neon stars floated round me!

Now 2 glowing blue eyes were staring at me.

"Midnight!" I shouted happiy.

"S-s-s-s-s roar!" hissed Midnight. This meant "Welcome home friend" and from that moment on I was known as the night dater. 


What the Y5 team have been up to this week:


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Picture 2
Picture 1
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