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Year 5

Hello Year 5!


Mrs Hadley, Miss Hunt, Mrs McCann, Miss Wright and Mrs Crawford hope you're all okay, keeping busy and having fun. We will update this section every week with new activities for maths, reading and writing. There are also resources in the KS2 section for all other subjects - try to do a little bit of learning each day. 


Keep safe and active!


From the Year 5 Team


This week's highlight: please check out our *NEW* storytime section - Miss Hunt and Mrs Hadley are reading two books we hope you will enjoy!


Year 5 Bingo

Have fun with your brothers, sisters, parents or carers.


Look out for the You Tube channel-The Show Must Go On. It will be showing a musical a week from today (Friday, 3rd April). 
This week’s musical is Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. 
Each musical will be streamed for 48 hours after it’s shown.


Week 3

Grammar task of the week

Adverbial phrases

Figurative Language




This week, we will be continuing with decimals and fractions. You all did really well at this in school!


A story for you to write based on a picture.

A story for you to write based on a picture. 1
BBC Bitesize English