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Year 3 learning activities


Hello Year 3!

We hope you're all okay, keeping busy and having fun at home.


Each week we will be updating the activities on here for you all in Year 3. Click on the link at the top of this page to go to this week’s learning.


There are lots of ideas on the main Home Learning page too so make sure you look at those! Pick the things that are interesting to you and try to do a little bit each day.


Keep safe and active!


The Year 3 Team



Tables Rock Stars

Well done those of you that have been regularly logging on and practising on Times Tables Rock Stars!

We’ve been spying on who has been on recently so particular well done to these children:

Elm - Jimmy, Connie, Nadhrah and Charlie

Cedar - Ja'Ream, Gabriel, Lilibeth, Eylsaelbless and Nassor


If you can’t remember your own log in, you can use the general Year 3 one.

Username: Year 3

Password: a1


If you’ve forgotten your own log in and want to know it, message us on Facebook and we can sort that out for you.


There are challenges on Facebook each week for Numbots and Times Tables Rock Stars so keep an eye out and see if you can win one of these chocolate treats!


Mrs Squires is very proud of her first attempt at growing spinach in her garden.

Fantastic Work!

Well done to Sarah who has completed lots of work in English and Maths. 

The work on synonyms, antonyms and alternatives for said was especially good.

I hope you will remember these in your writing Sara..

Ayesha used her learning about world famous volcanoes to complete this challenge. Well done!