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Year 2 English

60 Seconds - The Magical Tree

Activity 1 

How many adjectives can you write for this tree in 60 seconds?


Here are some adjectives to start you off: 

magical        inviting

green           beautiful 


Activity 2 

Write a diary entry.


Imagine you have been on a magical adventure to the the magical tree.

Remember to include:

  • a greeting like 'Dear Diary or To Diary'
  • a description of the tree. What does it look like? How did you feel when you were there?
  • Who did you meet? Did they have names and what did they look like?
  • Did you ask any questions whilst you were there?
  • How did you feel?


Activity 3

Draw some of the characters.


Create some characters or creatures who might live near the magical tree. What are their names?