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Year 1 learning activities

Hello! Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning page

We have put some different activities on this page for you to complete, if you are isolating at home, whilst you wait for your work pack to be delivered. 


How to share your work with us

We know how hard you are all trying to have a go at completing lots of different activities. 

We love seeing what you are getting up to!


Please take a photo of your completed work and share it with us by sending an email or message at:


Facebook: Henley Green Primary School




Practise your phonics by reading through the sounds and words in the documents below:

Phonics Activities

Don't forget to read your reading book too!

We are working hard on writing simple sentences at the moment. Have a go at writing some sentences about this picture. Choose the challenge level for your sentences:


smiley  Write a simple sentence with a capital letter and full stop.

For example: I can see a plane. 


smiley smiley Write a sentence including 'and' or 'because'

For example: The girl and the boy are sitting on the wing. 


smiley smiley smiley Write 5 sentences using correct punctuation making sentences interesting.

For example: The Prince and the little Princess was hungry, so the dragon toasted some delicious marshmallows.




Picture taken from Pobble 365


We are working hard at becoming more confident at the skills we learnt last term. Have a go at completing these questions. You can either use the picture below and talk about the answers or click on the link if you want to print the sheet off. 



You can also have a go at some of these games to practise getting quicker at your fluency facts:


Tens frame - practise counting up to 30 objects

Hit the Button - Click on number bonds - Make 10 or 20

Numbots - Your child's login for this can be found in their reading diary 

Measuring in CM - Correctly measure the length of the object 

In Science this term we are learning about different materials. Click on the link below to watch this lesson about materials:


What is a material? (

It's important to keep on the move! Have a go at your teacher's favourite dances:


Miss Pagett's choice - Banana, banana, meatball

Mrs Crawford's choice - Superhero's Unite

Ms Sohanta's choice - Clap it out

Miss Lee's choice - Can't stop the feeling

Miss Robson's choice - Never eat soggy waffles

Mrs Woodward's choice - Dinosaur stomp

Mrs Strickland's choice - Milkshake


Can you find your own favourite?

GoNoodle | Get Moving - YouTube