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Year 1 learning activities

Hello! Welcome to the Year 1 page.

This is where you can find links and activities to help you with your learning at home. This might be to help with your homework while you are in school or it might be if you are having to stay at home at the moment.

Click on the star underneath to find different activities for English, Maths and Topic.


How to share your work with us

We know how hard you are all trying to have a go at completing lots of different activities. 

We love seeing what you are getting up to!


Please take a photo of your completed work and share it with us by sending an email or message at:


Facebook: Henley Green Primary School




Week beginning 01/02/2021

1 Cherry have been working hard at home. Well done.

Week 5 home work is coming in thick and fast - don’t forget to email your photos of your tasks to Can you spot Eva’s work where she has even edited and polished her writing? Well done!

Week beginning 25/01/2021

Wow year 1! You are all still continuing to work so hard on your learning at home. Your teachers are SO proud of you and your families. We love seeing your completed work! Keep it up



Great to see Rejan completing PE activity at home! He has also been using pasta to help him skip count in 10s! Well done Rejan!




Week beginning 18.01.21

Year 1 Star of the Week Remote Learning is Zahin - Well Done!

Year 1 you are all working so hard! We love seeing the different ways you have been recording your home learning. Keep it up!

The children from Year 1 Fir have made a great start to their learning this week! 
I will begin making the phone calls home Tuesday 19th January for 1 Fir children - please be aware that the calls will come from an unknown number.
Keep it up Fir-balls! Miss Subhan 











Great computer work and writing work Evol, well done!



Beautiful handwriting Rawdha. Excellent work!



Safa working hard on your maths. That's great!



Week beginning 11.01.21

Fantastic sentences in Zahin's topic work, well done!yes


Eduard, has been a mathematician today.  Great job!laugh 


Super girl Safa has been working on her home learning.  Fantastic work!smiley


Connor has worked really hard on his online learning.  Super star!yes


Evol has been working extremely hard at home and completed all his work, well done! 



Rejan has also completed his online learning, superb work!



Well done Charlie, on completing your online learning. 


Lola has worked through her work pack and produced fantastic work. Well done! 


Well done to Abbie in 1 Fir who has sent in pictures of some of her work already! She has worked extra hard in the first week of remote learning! 





Gabby has been working hard at home working through her work pack! Her knowledge of 3D shapes will help her with this week’s learning on the website. Well done!! 



Rejan in 1 Fir has been practising year 1 AND year 2 spellings since beginning remote learning - WOW!! Keep it up Rejan and don’t forget to check the website each week for your new spellings!