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Wiyyam and Kyle's Earth report.


This is a website about the Earth and other different information about the solar system. One of our most interesting facts is that it takes 365 days, which is also a year and a quarter day, for the Earth to orbit the Sun. The Earth rotates once every 24 hours . This is also called a day.



 Let’s talk about how many Moons the Earth has. First of all the Earth has only got 1 [one] Moon for sure. It takes 28 days, which is also a lunar month, for the Moon to orbit the Earth. The Moon has many different phases and on this picture it will tell you all about it. The Moon has many craters on it and they look like big or small holes that were dug up on the floor, even though asteroids and meteors made the hole in the ground.



Did you know that people live on Earth unlike any other planets because there is no life on the other planets? But there are actually some planets with life on them. The Earth is also named the Blue Planet because every time when human beings used to look up to the sky they used to see planet Earth above the sky.