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Week beginning 7.12.20


We have been focusing on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages in Maths over the last few weeks. The worksheets below will help you practise what we have already learnt. There are also answers - when you have finished the sheet, mark your work to check your answers.

Use these resources to help you if you are stuck:

For this week's reading, you will need to 'read' a picture! The picture is called 'The Log Cabin'. Spend a while looking at it and think about these questions:

- What do you notice?

- Where is the picture set?

- Who might live there?

Then try the activities. There are questions to answer, including some winter vocabulary. It is fine to use your imagination, but remember to use evidence from the picture to back up your answers. 


This week, we are looking at the closing chapters of ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret.’

Your task will be to write a narrative-writing your own end to the story. You will use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions aswell as fronted adverbials and ambitious vocabulary.


Here are chapters 9-11 of The Invention of Hugo Cabret if you need them.

Fronted adverbials
Use of apostrophes for contraction and possession

Watch the BBC bitesize clip about materials and then answer the questions on the task below.


In Topic, we have been learning about how the Moon affects life on Earth. One of the effects of the Moon is on the tides. 

Watch the video up to 1:17 and read the information on the website to find out about what tides are and why they are affected by the Moon.

Challenge: try the tide table challenge!