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Week beginning 11.1.21



This week, we will be developing our knowledge of Place Value by looking at negative numbers. Recap what you already know by following the link below.

Watch the video and then complete the task which goes with it e.g. Task 1 matches lesson 1.


If you are in red group (Miss Wright's group), try the tasks labelled RED instead. You will be practising your partitioning skills, and reading and writing 3-digit numbers.

Lesson 1 - position positive and negative numbers on a number line.mp4

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Lesson 2 - order and compare positive and negative numbers.mp4

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Lesson 3 - continue sequences using negative numbers.mp4

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Lesson 4 - solve problems involving negative numbers.mp4

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Key Skills

You have 2 tasks - red group, this includes you!

- PAL facts and challenges (week 12) -  choose the sheet you usually do at school eg 5:1, 4:1

- Key Skills sheet - choose the Mild, Spicy or Extra Hot challenge

To start off our new topic on South America, you will be reading a text called 'Brilliant Brazil.' Read the text and complete the activities. When you have finished, check your work and mark it.

As you know, our new topic for Spring term is South America. To tie in with this, you are going to write a non-chronological report about a South American country of your choice.

Read the information entitled 'Spring 1-Non-Chronoloigcal Report' first and complete the tasks below.

Spring 1-Non-Chronological Report. This is your day by day teaching tool.

You will need to look at this first before you complete the tasks.

Day 1


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English Task 1-Brazil Report

Day 2
Day 3


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Day 4

13 January, 2021 - Loom Recording.mp4

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Day 5

English-Non-Chronological Report-Task 5


Today you are going to write out your non-chronological report in your exwecise book using your plan to support you.

Refer back to the flipchart at the start to remind you of the success criteria that you will need to remember.

This term we are continuing with our topic of Properties of Materials. This week, you will decide what properties are appropriate for the design of an effective spaceship. Follow the task below to decide the best material.

Our new topic is South America!

Here is a glossary of some of the new vocabulary and ideas which we will explore together. You can use it to help you with your learning.

Topic task

As geographers, we will be locating continents and countries.

On the world map, you need to find and label:

  • The Equator

  • The Tropic of Cancer

  • The Tropic of Capricorn

  • The Northern hemisphere

  • The Southern hemisphere

  • The continent of South America

Challenge: Can you remember all the other continents?

Now look for the Prime Meridian. This runs from the North Pole to the South Pole through Greenwich, England. It is a special line because it helps us decide the different time zones in the world. Find out about time zones here:


This term we will be covering a topic on Values in RE. In this first lesson, you will learn about the codes for living and what core value is most significant to you.