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Week Beginning 25.01.2021

This week we are sharing the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Can you find 3 different sized objects in your house? They can be the same, or different... for example you could find 3 different sized shoes, or a large box, a medium sized shoe and a small block. 


Why don't you try making some porridge? You can find a recipe on our main page under 'Porridge Making'. In the story, Daddy Bear likes to eat hot porridge, how do you like to eat your porridge?


Using materials you have at home, can you make a picture of a bear. You could use paper, card, crayon, pencil, tissue paper etc. A grown-up may need to help with any cutting-out.

Here are some ideas.....

Can you try learning this song at home?

CLICK HERE to watch the video to help you learn.....