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Week Beginning 08.02.2021

This week we are sharing the story Dear Zoo.  

Dear Zoo

Can you write a letter and/or draw a picture to send to the Zoo? If you could ask them to send you any animal in the world, what would it be? (Miss Wallen would ask for a giraffe, and Mrs Gregory would love an elephant!) Where would your animal fit in your home and what would you feed it?

You could ask your grown-up to take you to post your picture/letter or take a picture and email it to

Do you think you could try and make one of these simple animal-themed snacks using fruits and vegetables. An adult may need to help you with any cutting. We hope enjoy your fun, healthy snack!

If you go for a walk in your local-area or even just explore and play in your garden. Think about what animals or insects you might see. Where do they live? For example, if you saw a hedgehog. Do you think it would live high up in a tree, or find a nice, cosy nest?

Below is the song for the story Dear Zoo. The words will be a bit hard for you to learn. Can you move like each of the animals shown in the video? Can you move in time with the music?

It would be lovely to see some pictures and videos of you dancing.

Dear Zoo Song