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Week beginning 01.02.21

The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Animated Fairy Tales for Children

Here is another way to share the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. When your child knows this story well encourage them to join in with the refrain (the repeating sentence) Who's that trip trapping over my Bridge? See if you can use different voices for the Goats and Troll, a squeaky baby voice for the little Billy Goat, a loud scary voice for the Troll......

This week's challenge is a counting activity. Find some card, I used an old box, Draw the head and body of the three Goats and cut them out, Then give your child a pile of pegs. They have to find and count out four pegs to make legs each of the Goats. Write the number 4 on the Goats so they also start to recognise the written number

As well as learning to count out objects with meaning, when children manage to open pegs this action uses the same muscles and grip needed for holding and controlling pencils and pens!

So play with pegs as much as possible, you could make different animals or people or simply get them to help peg out the washing!