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Week Beginning 01.02.2021

This week we are sharing the story Owl Babies.

Owl Babies

In this owl family, there are 3 children and a Mummy Owl. How many people are in your family?

Bill is the smallest owl, who is the smallest in your family?

Owls have very good eyesight so that they can see far away, stand at your door or window. What can you see? Can you see anything that is far away?

Can you have a go at making some owl babies? 

You will need:

-  A toilet roll holder

- Paper

- Glue/sellotape

- Cotton Wool

- Coloured paper/ coloured pens

(A grown-up to help with cutting out)

Here are some simple ideas for Brown Owls and Snowy Owls

We would love to see some pictures of you with your owl creations. You can send them to

Listen carefully to the words in the song below, can you copy the actions and move like an owl?

Owl Song