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Week beginning: 25.01.21

This week our focused story is 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. This story has lots of learning opportunities for young children. They will start to understand about size - Big, Medium, Little and continue to develop their understanding and use those positional words - on, under, over. After reading the story see if you can make a bridge with your child. You can use anything you have at home - cups and paper, books, tins from the food cupboard, bricks if you have them. You could cut out and make some Goats and a troll or use any small animals or toys to put things over, on and under your bridge.


To listen to the story click here.



We would love to see any bridges you have made, take a photo and send it to us at:

We are cooking at Nursery this week, here's a simple recipe to try at home

Here is another Number Rhyme to listen to - 5 little apples

Coventry Library Service are running a live Rhyme time every Wednesday at 10am If you would like to join in follow this link:

 Coventry Libraries live online Rhymetime events

Starting 13 January 2021, every Wednesday 10am through Microsoft Teams

Sing along at home with your baby or toddler.