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Virtual Educational Visits


                                             Welcome to our Virtual Educational Visits Page!

On this page you have been  able to explore places you may have visited on a trip with school or even places that are far away from around the world. I hope you have enjoyed our adventures on this page. Please send in any pictures of places you get to visit over the holidays with your family to the facebook page! Have a great holiday wink


This week we are going on a cultural advenuture to Art Museums (including one with art made just by children) and a chance to watch a real life live orchestra. 

Let's explore Art! 

This is your chance to have a virtual tour around the Tate Modern Art Gallery led by the famous author Jacqueline Wilson (I am sure some of you have read her books). See if you can find some art that you like or inspires you to create some of your own.


Children's Art on display 

Check out an art museum with a difference and take a trip to the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway. Opening its doors in 1986, this was the first museum in the world to only feature artwork from children and young people. With painting and pictures from more than 180 countries on display, the galleries showcase brightly-coloured images themed around family, nature and play.

Art Selfie 

Ever wondered which famous figure from art history you might look like? Well, with Google’s Art Selfie on its Arts & Culture App, you can find out! After taking a quick selfie, the app matches your specific facial features to the thousands of portraits its stored. Once it’s found a match from its worldwide collections, you can tap on your doppelganger to find out more about them and the artist who painted the portrait. Ask an adult before you download the App.

Music for the Younger Ones 

If you, or anyone you know, loves CBEEBIES why not check out the CBEEBIES prom and listen and watch some fantastic music along with a live orchestra! Follow the link to watch different videos of the prom (making sure you check with an adult before going on YouTube) or watch some of it below.

CBeebies Prom Overture With Your Favourite CBeebies Shows

CBeebies Prom Overture With Your Favourite CBeebies Shows.