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Find out something new by learning about different religions.

April celebrations

April RE - challenge!


Look at the pictures above and find out which religions celebrate these festivals in April.


This may help you solve Ms. Sohanta's RE challenge question on our facebook page.

Good luck! ;-)


If you love to doodle, Mo Willems is doing a daily doodle at 1pm! Link here:


The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum have shared some simple but effective craft activities for children. The ideas will  aim to use items you are likely to have available to you, and where possible, using resources from your recycling bin. There at lots of the link below.

As there is lots of beautiful cherry blossom on the trees at the moment, this is just one idea of what you could do.


Why not have a go at  your own fitness routine using these exercises. Get the whole family involved and get them spelling out their names as well. smiley

Year 5


Explore the NASA page to find fantastic resources  to learn more about astronomy and spaceflight. There are fun games to play and interesting activities you can do at home that make science, technology and maths fun and space related.

Year 4

Can you locate all the countries in Europe?


For each country research a physical and a human feature. 

Year 6

Now write your own name in hieroglyphs.

Write a message for someone in your family using hieroglyphs.


Check out the Year 6 Home Learning Page for even more activities about Ancient Egypt.