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The Sun - Tia and Ezekiel

The Sun

The Sun is a bright star which is 100 times  bigger than the Earth. Did you know that the hottest part of the Sun is it’s core? it is 4,5000,000,000  degrees ! There is more information about the Sun on this website. The Earth is about 150 million km from the Sun.


 The Sun’s spots are cooler than some areas of the Sun (which look like dark blotches)the spots are most common every eleven  or  so years. there is  also lots more information on this website  . Also ,did you know

the sun doesn’t rotate on its axis like the Earth .

The Sun is mostly made out of a gas named helium .If you were to travel to the Sun you would die so don’t TRAVEL TO  the Sun!

 Sadly without the Sun we would not be able to  live on

Planet Earth. Our life would be dull ,cold and it would be lifeless!