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The mysterious moon

The Moon


The tides are made out of the ridged, uncomfortable Moon’s gravitational pull. Without gravity we would all float and the Earth’s oceans would spill into the sky. If we didn’t have a Moon then we would have no high tides and this causes lots of trouble for the fishermen,  fishes and also the passing by sailors(the Sun affects the tides but not as much as the moon).click here for facts.

The Magical Moon

In ancient times, millions of Mayans worshipped the Moon as if it was their God or their goddess. The ancient people believed that the Moon made wolves howl. The ancient people called there Goddess Luna, they also called it God Khonsu. Other people did not believe that the Moon was special but they believe that it was powerful and magical. And some people believe that the Moon can make wolves howl, click here for more information.


Extra Information

In 1906 Galileo Galilei was the first person to look at the night sky through a telescope. He saw the Moons of Jupiter, Saturn’s s and mountains on the Moon.