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The Moon by Emma and Evie Mai

                                                                                    The Moon


                                                                         Facts about the Moon

The Moon is 3474km in diameter and is 4 times smaller than the Earth. The Moon is covered with craters, created by meteorites, crashing onto the surface. During the night, we see the Moon as a glowing orb, although it is actually reflecting light off the Sun.


                                                                                     DID YOU KNOW?

 Any footprints created on the Moon will be there for 100 million years, because there is no air, water or weather to wash them away. It is a natural satellite, and takes 28 days to rotate around the Earth, called a Luna month. (This is how months are created.) Here are some more facts.


                                                                                          Apollo 11

 On July 20 th 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the Moon’s Sea of Tranquillity. Here is some more information from a website about this subject. Apollo 11 carried Neil Armstrong (commander), Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin (Lunar Module Pilot), and Michael Collins (Command Module Pilot). To give you some more information from a website, click here.  


We hope this has given you some more knowledge about the Moon!