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The Enchanting Earth


In this website you will read about the Earth and things you might not know about it.


The planet Earth is the third from the Sun. Also, the Earth is roughly spherical like all the planets surrounding it. As you might know, the Earth takes 365 ¼ days to circle (rotate around) the Sun. In 24 hours, the Earth spins on its axis once.


The atmosphere around the Earth is made out of nitrogen and oxygen. The Earth is 100 times smaller than the Sun. Because we have gravity on Earth, we don’t float and stay still.

Leap Year

As it is 365 and ¼ days, every four years there is a leap year. Here is more information about leap years.


Fun Facts

The Earth’s population is more than

7 billion (in 2017).

Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, reaching an amazing minus 148 degrees!