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SEND support during school closure






Primary Mental Health Service

What's the role of Primary Mental Health? 

The Primary Mental Health service gives general advice, guidance, consultation and  group training for those who work with children, such as school-linked professionals or social care roles.

We help children and young people may be displaying signs of emotional distress and emerging mental health diffuculties by working with those around the child, such as teachers in order to put in place plans to manage issues and stop them becoming more serious.


If you feel that your child would benefit from support at home, please contact your child's school.


PPE explained for children and young people

Find out all about Personal Protective Equipment and why we need it.



Yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness for children


Breathing exercises:



Smiling Mind app (free)

Stop, Breathe and Think Kids

DreamyKid meditation app

Meditation for kids – calmness, mindfulness, sleep

Mindful Powers

Think Ninja (10-18 year olds - with COVID-19 specific content)