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Relaxation Group

Every week we run two 30 minute relaxation sessions for children.


In the sessions the children:

  • explore their feelings and begin to talk about how they feel
  • learn ways of helping themselves when they don't feel right, this might be because they feel scare, cross or worried.
  • practise different techniques to help them relax in an environment where they feel safe. These include breathing, visualisation and basic Yoga


We work closely with parents to share information about what the children are learning and ways to support their child at home.

Feedback about Relaxation Group

At the end of the seven sessions we asked the children whether they had enjoyed coming to the Relaxation Group the children's responses were really positive. "I felt a bit silly doing it at first but it has been fun to do", "I have learnt how to relax" said one child, another shared that "I can just breathe and stay clam".


We hoped that the children would be able to use the things they had been practicing at home as well as at school and we asked them about that. "It helps me calm down when I am upset and relax to go to sleep", "I tell myself a story to trick my brain so I can get to sleep".


"This club is awesome!"

Here are some Yoga poses you could try at home