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Read Write Inc

Follow this link to the RWI Youtube Channel and watch the video for today's sound. 

Today's sound is 's'

Challenge 1: 

Can you play a game of eye spy with a member of your household. Look at the picture below and using todays sound 'S' practice saying "I spy with my little eye, somethings beginning with S" and see if you can guess what each other can spy. 


Challenge 2: 

Sometimes when we learn our phonics sounds children can get confused of when to use the 's' sound and when to use the 'sh' sound.  Look at the pictures below and write the initial sound for each picture.

Is it 'S' or 'Sh'? 



Challenge 3: 

Please follow the link below to read Sound Blending Book 6. Say each sound then blend them together to read the word.