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Follow this link to the RWI Youtube Channel and watch the video for today's sound. 

Today's sound is 'X'

Challenge 1:

Have a go at playing the Phonics Pop game on the link below. Can you say the sound and pop all the bubbles needed to win the game? 


Please Select Set 6 where you will see todays sound 'X'.


Challenge 2: 

Can you read these words? Say each sound and blend them to read the word. If able, say each sound and have a go at writing them.


   box                  fix                    fox                   mix                six 

Challenge 3:

Have a go at reading and writing this sentence. 


The       fox         is        mad.  


Remember 'the' is a red word. This means we cannot use our phonics to decode it, we need to learn this word all on our own and repetition will help.