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This term we will be learning about different places of worship.


This week we will look at a Jewish place of worship called a Synagogue.


Jewish people belong the religion of Judaism.

Find out what Judiaism is by watching the video.


Can you answer these questions about a Jewish Synagogue?


  1. What special objects might you find inside a Synagogue?
  2. What happens in a Synagogue?
  3. What are the rules of how to behave inside a Synagogue?

Watch this video of what you will find inside a Synagogue.

What new things have your learned?

Arts and Crafts

The Jewish symbol is called the Star of David.


  1. Can you make your own Star Of David symbol?
  2. Can you find out what this symbol means?




This is a picture of a Jewish Synagogue.

Can you draw a picture of a Jewish Synagogue?

Don't forget to add the Star of David to your drawing.


Ms. Sohanta would love for you to share your RE work with us - either on our Henley Green facebook page or you can email it directly to me here: