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If you haven't got bean bags at home then you can use rolled up socks or small, soft toys - tortoises work really well! Balance the 'bean bag' on your head, shoulder, knee, arm etc. Do this when sitting down and try to stand up without the 'beanbag' falling off the balance point. For a challenge, try to flip the 'beanbag' in the air and catch on another part of your body. If seated try to catch it in your lap or on your back, if you lean your head forwards. Good luck and keep going on your Bingo Boards too!

It might be Easter Monday but exercise is still as important as ever, especially if you've managed to find some chocolate over the weekend like we did! Over the next 2 weeks try to do as many activities on the special BINGO chart that you can. If you can't print it at home then save it as a photo and use the editing tool to tick off. Failing that you can copy them down as a list on paper, making it as creative as you can. Bronze for achieving one activity on each line, one complete horizontal or vertical line for silver and a FULL HOUSE for gold. Kelly's Eye, Knock at the Door and Two Little Ducks. EYES DOWN!

GOOD NEWS!! The Premier League have made their fantastic keep fit/learning resources available for everybody during the Coronavirus crisis. The children love these fun, physical workouts at school and now they can access them at home - ideal while they are stuck indoors.They are linked to school learning across the WHOLE curriculum so it's win, win, win! Follow the photos below from left to right. No subscription and no log in needed. Google Super Movers and try some of the fun, physical videos. It would be great to see some examples of children working out to SUPERMOVERS! Try the 6X Tables with Fred the Red.

Parents will love today's exercise as kit involves pairing up socks and throwing them into a box, bowl or even drawer!!!! Yes I know it's not cool to wear a matching pair.

Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire School Games groups have come together to produce a fantastic A-Z of sporting activities for you to all try at home. School Games are the group that organise most of our local school sports competitions. A stands for ATHLETICS and we start with the Standing Long Jump. Children have all done this as part of their termly personal bests. Remember practice makes perfect and you'll smash your personal bests when we're back at school.

E is for ENDURANCE or keeping going for a long time when you are very tired, especially when running! How far can you run in 13 minutes? REMEMBER: loose arms and low knees when running for a long time and imagine you are running MUGA laps. We can't all be Mo Farah and run 5km in that time but you might run 1km or more. YOU CAN DO THE MOBOT (see photo) when you have finished.

G IS FOR GYMNASTICS! Try some of these exercises as they don't take up much space at home. Try bouncing the ball while you balance or finger walk the ball around your body. Roll and chase the ball. If you have other children or adults with you then play over and under - just like e do with the MUGA relays. Be safe, be active and SMILE.