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THE BALLED UP SOCKS ARE BACK! Year 5 have been busy practising their bowling skills at school. Remember to use an underarm action when bowling at targets that are at floor level. Now head over to see the exciting bowling video at: Children, Video Resource Centre, Home Learning Videos KS2. Give it a go at home now!

It was 'full gas' in the Year 5 bubble yesterday, despite filming videos they still found time to do a winter scavenger hunt, practise howler throwing technique, check on the progress of the new daffodil bulbs and have a hut circle time to discuss life in 2021 in general! What a great bunch!

We are really proud to be awarded this recognition of Henley Green's 'ongoing commitment and achievement in the School Games Programme during the Autumn and Spring Terms.' Team Henley Green attend many different School Games competitions each year, ranging from Netball, Football, Gymnastics, Rounders, Sportshall Athletics, Quad Athletics, Rounders and Handball. Every team that represents the school is known to be well prepared, well presented and competitive but fair. Competitive sport is important for children as they develop resilience for life and it compliments our inclusive policy perfectly as we strive to be the best that we can be whatever our ability. Every single child thrives at at least one sport and it's fantastic to witness their progress across school. Well done to our amazing young athletes, staff that assist with our sport and to you all for supporting our school sport and providing such a fantastic bunch of young superstars. Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions we cannot take part in competitive sport but will return as soon as it is safe to do so. P.E. will look a little different at schools next term but we already have some really exciting plans to get our children safely active once more.

We are coming to the end of the alphabet for sport and it's V for VOLLEYBALL today. This activity is a bit like keepy uppy but using hands not feet. With a partner, or alone, see how many times you can keep the ball in the air by hitting it, with your hands, to your partner or to yourself. Try to use the palms of your hands and wrists to prepare for volleyball back at school. Balloons are brilliant for this but a medium to large, soft ball is good too. Try some of the challenges on the sheet below. Good luck and try to find some shade if it's hot and sunny like today and remember to drink lots of water.

U is ULTIMATE FRISBEE. Remember: Use your dominant hand, thumb on top of the disc, forefinger on the side, spare 3 fingers underneath the disc, stand side on to the target and roll your wrist to release the disc when it is in line with the target.

Still image for this video

T is for TENNIS and here is a chance to build on your hand eye coordination skills with keepie uppie tennis style. Use THE HANDSHAKE grip as we do in the MUGA. How many times can you hit the ball in the air in 60 seconds without it bouncing on the floor? Our young expert in Y2 managed 117, according to dad - I couldn't keep up, which is fantastic. This is a HG record at almost 2 hits per second! Remember to use any bat, racket or frying pan and ball/rolled up socks if you don't have the correct equipment.

Back to the alphabet today and it R FOR ROUNDERS! A really popular summer game at Henley Green and we have used our two pitches, for the last few years, to host the Coventry School Games Rounders Competition. You can use a cricket bat, tennis racket, frying pan or small, smooth piece of wood for this. Any small ball will do or there are always the balled up socks! REMEMBER TO FORM A V BETWEEN YOUR THUMB AND FIRST FINGER AND PLACE IT ON THE HANDLE.

🏑Q is for QUICKSTICKS! Quicksticks is a school version of street hockey and our children love to travel around the MUGA controlling balls and discs with their hockey sticks. Remember: keep the stick below your waist and your head over the ball. The skittles can be made from recycled plastic bottles filled with sand or water and instead of a hockey stick you can use any racket, bat or hand to bat the ball along the ground at the targets. If you find this too easy then increase the distance to the 'cones'. LET'S GET BUSY AND QUICK WITH THOSE STICKS!

It may be half term, how strange that sounds this year, but it's still important to keep our reactions sharp. This is the letter P in our alphabet challenge and stands for PERSONAL CHALLENGE. These activities will improve your HAND EYE coordination, remember this is the way that your eyes and hands work together and not against each other - that's when we drop things and fall over! Any ball that bounces will be fine for Bounce and Catch. Try to beat your personal best each time and compete against others at home. If you don't have a bean bag for Figure of Eight then use those balled up socks! Give it a go and good luck!

Today is the last day to send in your results for the School Games Cricket Challenge. Send your scores to: Back to the alphabet now and today we reach O for Outdoor Adventure. Try some of the challenges below but make sure there's an adult around to support if you are trying the Trusting Tilt, Balance or Blindfold Trust games. We use these activities as part of our Sports Leader training and to improve our teamwork togetherness. Give it a go and remember RESPECT and TRUST go hand in hand with these challenges!

Hi everybody, we hope that you are all well at home. Thank you to those of you who sent their scores in for the Athletics Challenge. It's week two of the Coventry Virtual School Games and the sport this week is CRICKET. Usually we run an after school cricket club during the summer term and had plans for games against other schools this year. Luckily we can still compete against other schools by recording our scores for Wall Catch and Bat Blast. Check the instructions below for each event. For the Bat Blast you need to record how many 'goals' you can score in 60 seconds. With Wall Catch you count how many times you can catch the ball off the wall in 60 seconds. To find the sum of both scores add them together to find your total points for the school team. Good luck and remember: PUSH THE BALL AWAY FROM YOU UNTIL THE BAT IS LEVEL WITH YOUR FACE AND EYES ON THE PRIZE WHEN CATCHING THE BALL. Let's go, it's time for cricket!"

Don't forget - if you have entered the Coventry Virtual School Games to send your scores in to: today by 1pm. The scores will go towards the Team Henley Green total. Next week is a Cricket Challenge. GOOD LUCK!

Today sees the start of the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Virtual School Games. As we can't compete against other schools at the moment here's a brilliant chance to represent Team Henley Green at sport. Each week is a different sport and this week we start with athletics and cover two of our HG personal bests! Children know the two challenges: standing long jump and 10x5m shuttle runs (we do 10x10m shuttles at school as we have more space than we have at home!). Follow the instructions for each event - there are YouTube links on the pictures below to help. Measure and time your child and submit results via the link The link is also on the fifth picture below. Submit scores by Friday this week as all scores count towards the overall school team score. 1. Long Jump measure the jump to the nearest cm - measure the back of the last foot that they land on. NO RUN UP! Each cm jumped is 1 point so 75cm = 75 points. 2. 10x5m shuttle runs - time the runner then take the time away from 100. eg 25.5 seconds is 100-25.5=74.5 points. Miss Nicholson will be impressed if children can do the calculations without a calculator! Add these two scores together for your final score for the week. GOOD LUCK. Add to comments if this is confusing and you need help!

It's the day after the V.E. Day Bank Holiday and the perfect chance to try a few burpees. Here's how to do a burpee: 1.STAND 2. CROUCH DOWN, TOUCH THE FLOOR WITH BOTH HANDS 3. STRETCH INTO PRESS UP POSITION 4. BACK INTO CROUCH POSITION 5. JUMP UP AND 'REACH FOR THE SKY!' - just like Woody. 6. REPEAT Burpees are tiring so don't try to do too many before taking a rest and remember to drink lots of water while you're sweating, especially during this warm weather. Come on, its burpee time - they're tough but you'll feel good for doing them.

We are lucky to have good, strong netball teams every year at Henley Green, all playing High 5 Netball - a game of mixed girls and boys. When school closed earlier this year we had played 7 games against other schools and won all 7 of them! One of the most important features of netball, and other invasion games, is passing and the main passes used are: chest, shoulder, bounce and overhead. Try some of the challenges below and use any ball as smaller balls will improve your reflexes and reactions. If you don't have a catcher then use a wall to bounce the ball off but be careful who is on the other side of the wall as the constant thud of a ball can be really annoying! Finally, what kind of pass is the Henley Green player using in the cup game at Finham below?

M IS FOR MULTI SKILLS Multi skills are so important for all athletes. Hundreds of our children have attended Multi Skills Clubs at school and also represented the school at Multi Skills Competitions. All of the different skills that we use are equally important and we use them in lots of different sports and games. Here are some old favourites. Challenge yourselves again. Those sock drawers will certainly need tidying up again!

Today's Challenge is Tap Up Tennis. How many times can you tap the ball with a racket or bat? If you don't have bats and balls then use a tightly balled up pair of socks and frying pan - clean pans only as you don't want fried egg on your socks! Gentle taps and in the middle of the racket/pan. How many can you do in 60 seconds?

L IS FOR LEADERSHIP. Mr Blakeman is now looking for captains, for future football, netball and other teams, and especially children who show good leadership skills. This is a test of your leadership skills. Can you set up an obstacle course for your family to try? This is one of the tests that our Sports' Leaders have to complete as part of their training. We use hoops, spots, cones, hurdles and beanbags. You can use your imagination and use furniture (ask permission first), boxes, tubs, bricks, toys, bikes, sticks or other items lying around the house or shed. Cut out spots or shapes out of paper or card - check with an adult before using scissors though. Be creative but remember that you have to explain how to complete the obstacle course to others. Good captains are not bossy but guide their team and listen to their teammates ideas. Let's get busy!

Alphabet day and K IS FOR KURLING. This is a game that you can play on a table or even on the floor. Jar lids are perfect for this, though ask permission first, or stones can be good too. Rolled up socks would do or small, soft toys. Try drawing a target on a large piece of paper, or on the tarmac or concrete outside with chalk. DO NOT DRAW ON THE TABLE! Split the 'stones' between the players and take turns to slide them onto the target. The closest 'stone' to the bullseye, or centre, of the target wins. This game will help you to improve your target throwing personal best back at school. Give it a go!

The Easter holidays have finished and we all wish we were back at school tomorrow. Sadly we can't return yet but we can still keep fit while we're at home. Then when we eventually get back on the MUGA, field or in the hall at Henley Green we will be happy, sharp and raring to go. We are back on the Alphabet of Sport and J IS JUDO. Obviously we can't start throwing each other around as we haven't been trained to do it safely but fear not as there are is a judo game that you can play. 1.Choose a partner and stand opposite them. 2. Bend your knees and keep your back straight. 3.On the call of HAJIME both players try to touch the other player's knee while defending their own knee. 4. Remember, as we said with noughts and crosses, you have to defend before you can attack sometimes. 5. A point is scored for the first player to touch their opponents knee each time. Give it a good game for sharpening up your reaction times - good in any sport.