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Our Beautiful World - Culbert and Leah


This text will explain lots of thing such as time, the Earth’s axis and possible life in other solar systems .


You may look at the earth one day and see that it isn’t straight. You may also ask yourself why this is happening, this is because of the Moon. The Moon has a gravitational force. This is pulling the Earth and at the same time, Earth is pulling the Moon too. If Earth wasn’t pulling the Moon, the Moon will be too strong for us consequently, we will have a collision with the Moon and obviously we won’t survive.


Waves, Waves are made by the Moon’s and Earth’s gravitational force. As Earth spins, the Moon orbits and tries to pull the Earth towards itself but because the Earth is also pulling( with 9.807m/s squared gravity ) it stays in the same place but the even though Earth does the same place the water is still attracted to the moon and tries to get to it. As a result, tides are created.


Earth is commonly known to us as the home to all known life, but have you ever wondered if there were any planets like ours in the Universe? Here is an example. NASA have found lots of planets with the capability to sustain life  but currently the most popular planet is Kepler 452B. Its texture and oxygen are efficient but the only barrier to it is the distance. It is approximately 1,402 light years away and rockets from Earth can’t even go through one light year.