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Online Safety

We know how much children will be using their devices, playing games and being online. Please make sure you are remembering to talk to them about what they are doing.


Remember these 8 rules:


1. Explore together - ask your child to show you what they are doing online. 

2. Chat little and often about e-safety - make sure they know they can talk to you if they're worried. 

3. Help your child identify trusted adults if they are worried  - encourage them to draw or write a list of these adults. 

4. Be non-judgemental - you won't judge them for what happens online, you will support them. 

5. Supervise their online activity - use devices in communal areas of the house. Children of primary school age shouldn't be using their devices alone in their bedrooms. 

6. Talk about how their online actions affects others - if your child is talking to others online, make sure they are being kind to them. 

7. Use 'SafeSearch'  - if you go to the settings on your internet browser, you can make sure the settings are safe for a child to use. 

8. Parental controls  - make sure your internet and broadband devices have parental control settings on them. Regularly review these. 


(8 rules taken from - Thinkuknow)